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Aeropac Retainers (motor retention systems)
Aerospace Specialty Products (model rocket kits, motors and components)
Aerotech Consumer Aerospace (reloadable and single use rocket motors, mid-power rocket kits)
Altus Metrum (small altimeters and on-board electronics)
Apogee Components (model rocket motors, kits, components, Rocsim software and Altimeter One)
Art Applewhite Rockets (rocket-powered flying saucer kits)
Balsa Machining Services (custom balsa parts and components
Binder Design (mid-power and high power rocket kits)
Cesaroni (24mm to 150mm reloadable rocket motors)
Custom Rocket Company (model rocket kits)
Estes Industries (model and mid-power rocket kits, motors and components)
Flis Kits (model rocket kits and components)
Giant Leap Rocketry (mid-power and high power rocket kits and components)
Heavenly Hobbies (model rocket kits and components)
Hobbylinc (full-line hobby store.  Ships model and mid-power motors via USPS ground)
LOC/Precision (model, mid-power and high power rocket kits and components)
Madcow Rocketry (mid-power and high power rocket kits and components)
Mercury Engineering Company (mid-power rocket kits and components)
More (out of production reproduction model rocket kits)
Odd'l Rockets (odd rocs)
Perfectflite (rocket altimeters and other hobby-related electronics)
Pico Altimeter (extremely small rocket altimeters)
Pratt Hobbies (full-line hobby store and maker of "Rocket Scientist" t-shirts)
Public Missiles, Ltd (mid-power and high power rocket kits and components)
Qualman Rocketry (model rocket fin jigs, construction supplies)
Quest Aerospace (model and mid-power model rocket kits, model rocket motors and components)
Quickburst (igniters and the Quick-Dip igniter kit)
Rocketarium (nichrome and shooter wire for igniters)
Rocketflite (igniters and Magnalite igniter kit)
Semroc Astronautics Corporation (vintage clone Estes kits and original kits and components)
Squirrel Works Rocketry (model rocket kits)
Stickershock23 (custom vinyl lettering, decals, body wraps)
Sun River Nature Center and Observatory (an on-site vendor for the Blue Mountain Rocketeers)
Sunward Aerospace Group, Ltd (model rocket kits and components)
Tango Papa Decals (makers of custom and repro decals)
Tinder Rocketry (The Tender Descender recovery device)
Top Flight Recovery (rip stop nylon parachutes and streamers)
Widget Supply (hard to find hobby and craft tools)


Open Rocket (free open source model rocket simulator)
RasAero (free Windows-based rocketry computer simulation program)



ARA Press (rocketry-related books and reference materials)
Essence Model Rocketry Reviews (model rocket reviews, simulators, motor recommendations)
The Glenda Project (weather research through electronics-based high power rocketry research)
Fly (wealth of information about the hobby for beginners)
JimZ Rocket Plans (rocket plans for scratch building vintage model rocket kits)
NAR On-Line MESS Report (report a malfunctioning rocket motor to the NAR on-line)
Thrust (thrust curves and rocket motor performance data)



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